Our Products
Exclusive Collection
ALUMICAN builds upon its forward vision and leadership in the field with even more exclusive models.
Our extensive selection of doorlites design allows you to perfectly match your door to the desired style.

Convenience and Garden Doors
From guillotine door to garden doors, our choices allow you a variety of arrangements.
Rialto-HD panels
The structure encloses a foam polyurethane high density, guaranteeing an excellent insulation.
Interior Doors
French door, paneled door, frame door with doorlites, see our many models available.
Patio Doors
Check out our wide selection of performance and aesthetics sliding doors.
Fiberglass Door
Durability. No Matter What.
Above and beyond its exceptional heat-saving performance, a fibreglass door offers the advantage of maintaining its beautiful appearance longer than any other kind of door. Its high-density fibreglass envelope easily withstands hits and scratches. Its structural composition is amongst the most solid in the industry. The surface, with its wood grain texture appearance, may be stained or painted. Finish the look with your pick from our extensive selection of doorlites.
A choice of multi-point locking system
ALUMICAN offers a range of contemporary and classic multi-point locking system handles.
Five shades available
You have the option of a multi-point locking system: the door secures at three points.
A beautiful door... And More!
At Alumican, security is our strong point. All our doors are reinforced with an exclusive, solid extruded aluminum base. You also have the option of a multi-point locking system.
The insulation value of our doors is second to none. Unlike standard models, our doors are equipped with triple (not double) weather stripping, bringing a measurable improvement in protection against air infiltration.
The aluminum mullion between the door and side panel serves to complement the trim around the stained glass.