Convenience and Garden Doors
From guillotine doors to garden doors, our choices allow you a variety of arrangements.
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Guillotine Clear / Guillotine Contour Grills / Guillotine 3x5 Grills / Guillotine Jalousie
Retractable Blind / Garden Doors with 2x4 Grills
Colors for our doors
Over 20 Standard Colours
A wide selection of color to fit your needs perfectly.

We offer a selection of first class finishes. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for amongst our standard colours, our paint professionals are standing by for your specifications.
A choice of multi-point locking system
ALUMICAN offers a range of contemporary and classic multi-point locking system handles.
Five shades available
You have the option of a multi-point locking system: the door secures at three points.
All our hinges operate on ball bearings, eliminating the wear associated with conventional mechanisms.
Our thresholds are anodized to prevent oxidation.
Solid. Beautiful.